November 8-13, 2021


Healthy Ageing. The experience of the Ferrero Foundation

Our health is something we create: it is not a state, but rather the result of a dynamic of self-actualization, which also depends on the presence of others. The Foundation sees successful ageing as an ensemble of activities, attitudes, ways of being and relationships. Our mental capacities, as well as our creative and recreative activities and social relations are key elements which influence our well-being. The Foundation promotes the idea of experiencing ageing as an occasion to discover new opportunities in a time of prosperity which valorises the elderly. With these prerequisites, the Foundation has organized biennial international scientific conventions dedicated to successful ageing and topics related to old age since 2013.

Healthy Ageing Week 2021
From 8 to 13 November, the Ferrero Foundation of Alba will host a series of events dedicated to healthy ageing in the occasion of the fifth international scientific convention "Successful ageing 2021: strength and vulnerability of the elderly", organized by the Ferrero Foundation in collaboration with the Academy of Medicine in Turin, the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

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The week is organized as follows:

Monday 8 November Good information prolongs life – Professional training course for journalists in collaboration with the Order of Journalists of Piedmont.

Tuesday 9 November Paediatricians, Geriatricians and the Life-Course Approach: an encounter of two extremes – ECM accredited symposium.

Wednesday 10 November Oxidants and Antioxidants in Aging - Workshop by the international scientific association Oxygen Club of California.

Thursday 11 and Friday 12 November Successful Ageing 2021: strength and vulnerability of the elderly – ECM accredited international convention.

The scientific sessions will be dedicated to:
- Covid-19 in older patients
- Immunosenescence
- Oncogeriatrics
- Social geriatrics

Saturday 13 November information day for a broader, more diverse audience than that of the previous days.
Scientific Administrative Office: Margherita Campanello, Fondazione Ferrero Via Vivaro 49 Alba (Cn)
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Organizational Office: Cristina Manzone, Fondazione Ferrero Via Vivaro 49 Alba (Cn)
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ECM Provider: Staff P&P Peveragno (Cn)
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The documents and Abstracts collected over the previous editions of the conference on Successful Ageing can be accessed from a dedicated page on our Website.

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