A lively and long-lasting community centre

The Piera, Pietro and Giovanni Ferrero Foundation was set up in 1983 as the “Ferrero Social Initiative”; since 1991, it has been recognised by the Ministry of the Interior as a Foundation and falls into the category of socially useful non-profit organisations (ONLUS). Presided over by Maria Franca Ferrero, the Foundation embodies the idea of Pietro's son Cavaliere del Lavoro Michele Ferrero who, in 1946, worked together with his brother Giovanni to found the confectionery company that has become a multinational corporation.

The family style of the Ferrero company is still a fundamental characteristic easily seen in its production operations. This approach includes a sense of social responsibility at both a global level and in individual employment relations, despite the considerable size that the company has reached. From the very beginning, this sense of "family" has been a widespread sentiment amongst the workers who, with their dedication and in a climate of mutual trust, have contributed to the success of the Ferrero brand. In over sixty years, several generations of people have worked for Ferrero, which can boast experience of long-term employment like few other companies.

Alongside Michele Ferrero were people who contributed towards the growth of the company, generously giving material and intellectual resources and demonstrating a support and a team spirit that went well beyond formal working relationships. Michele was keen to ensure these people that when they reached pension age, they would have the opportunity to remain active, valuable and astute regarding their own lives and those of others, in an environmental and emotional framework of security and solidarity.

In 1972, the Ferrero family handed out the first company long-service awards to all employees who had worked for the company for 25 consecutive years - the first 25 years of the Ferrero story. They were the first “Ferrero Seniors”, a community of individuals who now find their most useful, gratifying and fulfilling purpose in the Piera, Pietro and Giovanni Ferrero Foundation.

Work, Create, Donate

The idea of the Foundation and the sense of its work can be found in its motto, Work Create Donate, which is also featured on the Foundation's logo. The three verbs identify three facets of individuals who are fully integrated in social life: people who work with dignity, talent and responsibility to build new situations, not as ends in themselves, but aiming to increase the overall well-being of the community.

This responsible participation in communal life can be achieved through willingly and freely gifting skills, experience, time and projects. The Foundation itself is a gift through which the Ferrero Family has given shape to the respect and gratitude it holds for those who have contributed to the growth of the company and shared its values.

The Foundation does not validate the past alone:it is also a moral investment in the future of individuals, based on the conviction that they need to remain active and creative in unprecedented and gratifying ways, even at an advanced age. It belies an image of withdrawal and marginalisation associated with old age that still prevails in industrialised societies today.

The gift of the Foundation extends outside the Ferrero Seniors Community through its cultural efforts that run parallel and complementary to its social project.

The Foundation facilities


Through the social project, the Foundation offers Ferrero Seniors (Group employees who have completed 25 years of service) a new concept of old age with its programme of creative, recreational and social activities, accompanied by social and healthcare services. The Foundation helps senior citizens to perceive ageing as a chance to discover new opportunities.It promotes a different, positive idea of the third age, which can be a period of richness that enhances the social capital of individuals and the legacy of values, experience, wisdom and humanity that distinguishes elderly people.

Life in the Foundation leaves no room for solitude and marginality because everything takes place in pursuit of creativity, hard work, personal growth, involvement, social relations, discovery and fulfilment of everyone's specific potentials. New stimuli arrive from intergenerational encounters and voluntary service that follow the conviction that we can learn and be useful at any age.


The Ferrero Foundation invests in the promotion of individuals and of culture. It promotes educational, training and knowledge-sharing initiatives; it offers the public – not only in the Alba area – opportunities for discussion and gaining knowledge; it develops its own original paths, making the most of the cultural heritage of Alba and the Piedmont region to launch itself within this open, cosmopolitan context, working synergistically with the bodies and institutions involved in complex projects that benefit society in general.

In the field of art history, the interests of the Foundation range from the 15th century to the contemporary period. Exhibitions, conferences and publications include those on the Renaissance painter Macrino d’Alba and primitive painters from Piedmont; art historian Roberto Longhi (1890-1970), who came from Alba, and artist Pinot Gallizio (1902-1964), who was one of the founders of Situationist International; Giuseppe Vernazza (1745-1822), a politician and scholar with very wide-ranging interests; the figures of the Roman Emperor Publius Helvius Pertinax, who lived in the 2nd Century AD, and the 16th century jurisconsult Pietrino Belli, forerunner of the international human rights law. In the name of Roberto Longhi, the Foundation held an exhibition dedicated to landscapes by Giorgio Morandi, followed by highly valued retrospectives on the works of Carlo Carrà, Felice Casorati, Giacomo Balla; in the literary field, since 1996 it has taken an interest in the writer Beppe Fenoglio (1922-1963) through a Documentation Centre that promotes various initiatives and is open to researchers, students and enthusiasts.

Each year, the Foundation also grants national and international study scholarships to the sons and daughters of Ferrero employees and Seniors, and sponsors scientific research and research doctorates.

The Facilities

In line with the Ferrero family's ethical principles, the Foundation serves as a model and spokesperson for social responsibility for all Ferrero Group subsidiaries throughout the world. Based on the Italian experience, initiatives have been launched in favour of Ferrero Seniors and children in France and Germany too.

In 1985, construction was completed for the facilities in Alba, in Via Vivaro 49.The new facility was inaugurated on 19 September with the participation of civil and religious authorities and the Ferrero Family, who symbolically presented the keys to the retired Seniors. In 1996, a new wing open to the public led to a second inauguration. This modern, hospitable wing was designed by architect Valerio Demaria, more than doubling the size of the facilities. The space includes a multi-purpose auditorium and new areas for temporary exhibitions.

In 2005, in Villers Écalles and Mont-Saint Aignan in France, a Welfare Unit was officially set up to provide care and assistance to Company workers. At the same time, the G.I.S. (Groupe d’Initiative Solidaire) was founded for French Seniors who, besides participating in cultural and recreational activities, have been integrated into the Welfare Unit through their commitment to voluntary service.

In 2007, the Ferrero Germany Social Initiative building in Stadtallendorf, Germany was inaugurated. This facility offers equipment and qualified personnel, embodying the social and cultural values of the Foundation in Alba and creating opportunities for involvement in recreational activities, voluntary service and social solidarity projects inspired by the motto, Work Create Donate.